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Jodo Shu — Pure Land Buddhism

Tōunji (Kamadera)

Kamadera main gate

Welcome to Tōunji (Kamadera) 

An ancient temple with over 400 years of tradition

Our story began more than 400 years ago

Bearing a silent witness to the temple’s ancient history, the outlines form an abstract scene of beauty evoking a pervasive sense of serenity, enhanced by the drama of the four seasons subtly shifting.


Welcome to Tōunji (Kamadera)

Tōunji (a popular name, Kamadera) is a Jodo Shu temple boasting a history of over 400 years with the iconic iron cauldron on the roof of its main prayer hall.


Kamadera Temple located in Tokyo’s Honancho, the home of the temple, and Tōunji Temple located in Iriya, were merged to form the temple as it is today. The precincts are with lush greenery, for a temple located in the central areas of the city. You can appreciate the shifting beauty of the four seasons (as seen in the ebb and flow of cherry blossoms, autumn leaves, spring tea flowers, bamboo shoots, and butterbur).


The temple is easily accessible, a five-minute walk from Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line "Honancho" station and a one-minute walk from the bus stop "Kamadera."

Treasuring connections with our local community and relationships

We value connections with our local community and relationship with people: We accept requests from people other than Danka(congregation).


​Kamadera News 2024 

Kamadera Chief Priest

Buddhist ceremonies
at the temple


・Hanamatsuri(The Buddha’s Birthday)..(April 8)

・Segakie (Ancestral Ceremony)...(May 23)

・Obon: Urabon Service...(from July 13 to July



・O-jyuyae(Ten-Night Chanting Nembutsu 


**For more details, move to "Buddhist ceremonies.”

Next Buddhist Ceremony

Urabon Service: Urabon-e



the picture of Kamadera history


We made a book called “Kamadera Tōunji History,” which summarizes the history of the temple. One copy is available for each member household of the congregation. If you wish, please let us know when you come to the temple.

the picture of amulets of Kamadera


Amulets of Kamadera Jizoson are also available.

東運寺「釜寺」公式サイト 一般墓に加え、永代供養塔、樹木葬、ペットと一緒に入れるお墓 などもご用意しております。

Tōunji Temple, a Jodo Shu religious institution


2-5-4 Honan, Suginami-ku, Tokyo 



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Please kindly note that we are not able to accommodate any inquiry or request made in English.

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